Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, but to provide service to you we need to collect and store certain information about you.

This information will be retained by Monaghan Consultants Ltd in the form of financial accounting records, domain registration details, service account details and other forms specific to the service we provide you. This information will not be shared with 3rd parties except in the case where a 3rd party provides the service, for example, a domain registration or SSL certificate requires your details as part of the registration process and it is not possible to provide these services without these details. We only share the details required to provide the 3rd party service.

The software managing this web site records data about visitors. This information is used internally by Monaghan Consultants Ltd to manage and maintain the service. All visits are logged by the web server.

Cookies are used by the web site software, however, this data is only stored to allow operation of the software. There is no long term storage or analysis of this data.

We will use the information held to manage your services and will use your email address to communicate with you for billing, support and company announcements.

Information we hold about you will be released to the necessary authorities in the event of any criminal investigation.

Information we hold about you will be released to a debt recovery agent should it be necessary to recover the cost of any unpaid services.

If you wish to exercise your right to be forgotten, please raise a support ticket, however, we will be unable to provide further service to you and will remove all data use to provide your services, any services will be terminated and only the data required for accounting purposes will be retained. It is not possible to refund partial service usage in this case.

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Ecommerce Accounting

Do you need to link your e-commerce system with your accounts? We have written a system to integrate with the KashFlow accounting system. Take a look at KF Sync for further information.

We also produce bespoke integrations for KashFlow

Contact Us for further information.

Ecommerce Integration

Do you need to link your e-commerce system with your warehouse or stock management systems? We have written integrations with a number of popular e-commerce systems.

We also produce bespoke integrations for e-commerce systems

Contact Us for further information.

Server Move

The recent change of server involved a new installation of the cPanel system, by default stronger passwords are required than the original build. If you are unable to connect to your email, please login via webmail and reset your password and try again. If you have not already configured to use SSL (secure connections), please do so now, POP 3 uses port 995, IMAP uses port 993 and SMTP (outbound) uses port 465