Domain Registration

Wikipedia defines a domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet, based on the Domain Name System (DNS).

In simple terms, a domain name is a text string that represents an entity on the Internet, in the case of this site it is By using a text based name it is far easier for most people to use than a numerical value such as

The choice of domain name is very important. All countries have their own domain rules so it is important to check with your chosen country for full details. In general a domain name should be memorable, short and if possible easy to type in. Where you have a company name it may be desirable to use all / part of the name in the domain name as this will often help people to remember (or guess) your domain name. It is also common practise for business to register several different domains for different public faces to the business or domains for different geographical areas.

Many private individuals also register their family name as a domain name to give a more personalised email address.

Due to the .COM boom a lot of the popular names have already been registered so a bit of creativity is needed, but there are still lots of available names to be registered.

Unless you own a trademark, it is not considered appropiate to register a domain containing the trade and many countries have legal systems to allow the domain ownership to be challenged and returned to the trademark owner.

Specific details of the domains we can register for you are on the individual pages of the domains menu. We would suggest that you familiarise yourself with the rules for the domain types you wish to register.

Domain Registration


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Do you need to link your e-commerce system with your warehouse or stock management systems? We have written integrations with a number of popular e-commerce systems.

We also produce bespoke integrations for e-commerce systems

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The recent change of server involved a new installation of the cPanel system, by default stronger passwords are required than the original build. If you are unable to connect to your email, please login via webmail and reset your password and try again. If you have not already configured to use SSL (secure connections), please do so now, POP 3 uses port 995, IMAP uses port 993 and SMTP (outbound) uses port 465